About Us

Snehome is a global e-commerce & Service Company based in Kochi and we have branches in every district of Kerala.We are a self-sustained collective that fosters & celebrates women empowerment through various self-employment projects we connect, collaborate & help each other to scale into greater economic and social arenas.

Our online shopping site has a plethora of products ranging from organic groceries and homemade delicacies to trendy men & women clothing .they are all brought under one roof without any compromise on quality and authenticity
Every product we offer is a piece of art that has a story to tell. They are brought under a single roof from different parts of Kerala, evolved by the hands of traditional craftsmen who inherit an age-old tradition of beauty, purity and elegance. We travel from village to village to meet the people and to get the most indigenous pieces directly from them at a fair price. Thus, we attempt to breathe life into the deteriorating rural art and promote the artisans for their talents by exhibiting their creations across the globe through us.

Our services include
>attractive & affordable tour packages for tailor-made holidays
>authentic & rejuvenating ayurvedic treatment in a hygienic environment by the well trained & experienced therapist
>elderly care service that provides round the clock assistance & cares to your loved ones
>quality and respectful maternity care

Through all our innovative a lot is done for strengthening women, improving their leadership, communication and occupational skill set, enhancing their social & financial security and hence providing them with the sense of true empowerment

We take pride in pioneering this mission. The moment you decide to connect with us, you also become a part of this noble mission and we together will make a change in lots of lives!